(+) 2Pac - Gave You My Heart - [Sad Love Song] - {NodaMixMusic}

So today I wrote a song for you
'Cause a day can get so long
And I know it's hard to make it through
When you say there's something wrong
So I'm trying to put it right
'Cause I want to love you with my heart
All this trying has made me tired
And I don't know even where to start
Maybe that's a start
For you now it's a simple game
That you play filling up your head with rain
And you know you've been
Hiding from your pain
In the way in the way you say your name
And I see you
Hiding your face in your hands
Flying so you won't land
You think no one understands
No one understands
So you hunch your shoulders
And you shake your head
And your throat is aching but you swear
No one hurts you nothing could be sad
Anyway you're not here enough to care
And you're so tired you don't sleep at night
As your heart is trying to mend
You keep it quiet but you think you might
Disappear before the end
And it's strange how you cannot find
Any strength to even try
To find a voice to speak your mind
When you do all you wanna do is cry
Well maybe you should cry
And I see you
Hiding your face in your hands
Talking 'bout far away lands
You think no one understands
Listen to my hands
And all of this life
Moves around you
For all that you claim
You're standing still
You are moving too
You are moving too
You are moving too
I will move with you

2020-07-12 15:22:29

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    박효신 (+) 위안

    bakhyosin (+) wian

    (+) 여자들 감성 다 후려잡는 노래

    (+) yeojadeul gamseong da huryeojamneun norae

    (+) 조광일 - 곡예사 [곡예사]ㅣLyrics/가사

    (+) jogwangil - gogyesa [gogyesa]ㅣLyrics/gasa

    (+) 요네즈켄시 - 레몬 가사 발음

    (+) yonejeukensi - remon gasa bareum

    현진우 (+) 빈손

    hyeonjinu (+) binson

    (+) 조항조 - 후

    (+) johangjo - hu

    아이유 (+) 꿈빛파티시엘 오프닝

    aiyu (+) kkumbitpatisiel opeuning

    (여자)아이들 (+) 나는 아픈 건 딱 질색이니까

    (yeoja)aideul (+) naneun apeun geon ttak jilsaeginikka

    (+) 새힘얻으리-마커스워십

    (+) saehimeodeuri-makeoseuwosip

    (+) 주 하나님 독생자 예수 (살아계신 주)

    (+) ju hananim doksaengja yesu (saragyesin ju)