Your trapped on the dance floor

It's locked there's no escape

There's no eat no drink cant take a break

No seat to sit down you gotta stand up

The record on the wheel reacts like a handcuff

Your in a cage and this groove will bound you

People in the club like bars around you

The doors open up and the people are poured in

You're all the prisoners the DJ is the warden

Your mind is useless instinct takes control

Jam to techno

Groove to soul to soul

You been arrested

Now your being tested

The beat is a sex fiend, you're being molested

Snare drum kicks like pistol that's final

You gotta dance or get rammed like a Rhino

The DJ cuts with a knife like a surgery

Sayin that the slice aint nice that’s perjury

The music infiltrates you and takes you

Grabs you holds you molds you and makes you

Do things you wouldn't of otherwise done

Like shake rattle roll pump twist and then some

Ain't no law here you can't protest this

Stop looking around there ain't no exit

You can't leave till the man pulls the needle

Take it as a warning

Take heed or I'll quicken the pitch and make you dance faster

The drum is the whip, bass line is the master

The temperature's 100 and yet you still want more

You’re a slave and your trapped on the dance floor

Oh oh I'm trapped like a


I can't get out

Can't you see I'm trapped

Can't you see I'm so confused

I can't get out

Now your wanderin lost in the jungle

You came in hyped up but now your humble

Wringin out sweat from your soakin wet clothes

You scream for help, blend in with the Ah's and O's

You try to sit but their ain't know spaces

The floor is a desert, the bar the oasis

I know your on the tip for the rhyme I just did

But here's a little taste of my homeboy, El Sid

A'ight prince it’s the El Sid's version

I'm a raid on the track, I'm a hip-hop surgeon

The floor is jam packed get away from the bar scene

The strum of the drum n I'm gonna trap you like a sardine

You try to move no form of escape

The heat brings on sweat, stick on like tape

Party like's it thin

Girls slim and trim on the floor

Don't try to shoot for the door

This ain't the gym

The party goers every night had a scene

This mic try to be fly but still trapped like a Venus

Aint a spiff or a spoof

Boy you better not goof

You about to cave in although you ain't on a roof

The rhythm traps from all sides to angles

Playing the wind pipe resist … strangle

You can't escape until the DJ's fingers up

So play like a phone or coat and just hang it up

The speakers pumping out sounds and hip words

Lines between the rhythm designed to equip nerves

You better jam we don't care if you hardcore

Cause we got you trapped on the dance floor

Oh oh I'm trapped like a


I can't get out

Can't you see I'm trapped

Can't you see I'm so confused

I can't get out

Oh oh I'm trapped like a


I can't get out

Can't you see I'm trapped

Can't you see I'm so confused

I can't get out

Me and prince got together just to kick out lines

No trouble at the party cause we're strapped with nines

Dance floor secure, don't bother tryin to get out

Because until the late AM this man won't let out

Nobody cause he's killing it mean

Got ya dancin' in the dark so dress like Springsteen

Razzamatazz a pasazz about to rip the flesh is my man Jazz Fresh

Soon as I worked through the door

I got trapped on the dance floor

See this girlie that I never saw

She was looking raw

Came a little closer

Then I approached her

Then I drop the fox trot so hot that I roast her

Burnt the floor into flames it's a damn shame

Hard to explain

I did it up like I was straight outta Soul Train

Listen as I discuss this yo bust this

Like a hammer in front of a camera you cant touch this

Trapped on the floor like a vulture

Part of my culture

You might even thought I was John Travolta

Get live like a Jackson Five

2023-03-19 22:30:56

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